#KejriRog: An epidemic in India

#KejriRog is a brain disease of unknown etiology, currently wide spread in India.

Let me start with some history behind this #KejriRog.

We don’t have enough documented cases on file. But according to an index case, it would have started around 2011-2012. The first case was reported in Delhi, India where conditions for development of this unknown worm (keeda) were extremely suitable. These conditions were as follows:

  • The governments of the state and that of the nation must be of same ruling party.
  • Number of years of ruling must be more more than 9.
  • The ruling party must be run by a single family on dynastic bases.
  • The dynastic head of the family must be a former(?) citizen of a foreign country.
  • The number and amount of currency banked under this ruling party must be of massively gigantic (I know I understated here! But there was no other word I can find to equate the terms.) amount.
  • One of the important required condition is that, there should be an upcoming election in the state followed by a national election.
  • Research is still going on to find out about history of the disease. Your fruitful input will serve as immense help.

Now lets have a look at the development of the #KejriRog.

The patient suffering from the #KejriRog has some inherited conditions which facilitates easy development of disease. First, he must be involved in a foreign funded NGOs working on prevalent media issues. Laboratory research has shown tremendous attraction of this ‘keeda’ towards a currency known as US dollar. There are some documents reporting this relationship but as mentioned before more input is required for research purpose.

Now the next facilitation(factor) required for development of this disease is cameras. Don’t mistake them as ordinary cameras. These cameras must be telecasting the events live on news channels. Actually in some cases this telecasting is reported as life-line for the survival of the patient. This second relationship has some bias. Some of the sample research works have shown that the patient suffering from #KejriRog becomes so good at “acting” that news channels become obsessed with the patient. While the other samples showed that there is some unknown relationship between the channel and the patient. But over the time we found some evidence supporting the later.

The next to the next factor required for development of this #KejriRog is inactive news reporters. These  inactive ones are those who leave their active life to follow the one with the signs and symptoms of extreme progression of the #KejriRog. The reason of following this extremely ill patient is ‘opportunism-associated-mental-retardness-syndrome’ (OAMRS). In case of OAMRS, mental retardness was already there, more like a dormant state. But it becomes active once they start showing it under circumstances of constant coverage.

By the time, you may be wondering how can you identify some one with #KejriRog.

Here are some of the signs and symptom:

  • The organs involved in #KejriRog are lungs. Patient suffers from severe to mild cough.
    Public nose picking have been observed among some special cases.
  • The next symptom is behavioral rather than physical. It’s lying. This symptom has uncanny attraction to peoples who are famous in India. These peoples are either from a political party BJP or businessmen of India i.e Ambani, Adani etc. This symptom fortify the nature of attracting news media to create commotion. In the end, the lying gets gradually exposed in near future.

  • Denial-in-your-face, is characterized by non acceptance of the truth in spite of evidence presented to them.
  • The other symptom was observed when we encounter it as an epidemic/mob psychology. It’s known as  ‘urge to destroy law and order’ in the name of common man. It started in Delhi, and now spreading south via Gujarat to Maharashtra. As per reporting of our on the ground team, this epidemic will be observed in Maharashtra for next few days. And as per future prediction we expect #KejriRog to spread further south towards Bangalore. It is feared that this epidemic will lead to preplanned destruction of India.

There are some predictions about #KejriRog. The patient’s outcome can be found here. Yes, the outcome is not so good if #KejriRog is left untreated.

In this grave condition of our country, India, how can I avoid/treat #KejriRog?

Well, there is no precise treatment available at the moment. We are working day and night to find an instant cure for #KejriRog. But while working on this disease, we found some of the preventive measures:

  • Stop using mufflers! Stop creating ruckus. Stop following goons/riots/retard laptop beggars.
  • Face the truth that you were fooled once, but you wont be fooled twice. (And if you are then even god cannot save you!)
  • You should be intellectually capable of thinking on your own. Whatever is said by anyone, use your brain to evaluate whether is it truth or just one more fabricated lie. Try to follow the principal of ‘fact check’
  • Stop financing your doom.
  • Your vote is precious and don’t let it go to vain as it happened with Delhi.

Even after everyday sighting, the overall outcome looks positive. More treated cases have emerged in near past. And we hope the same for the future. We are hoping for a #KejriRog mukt India.

*Disclaimer: These is my point of view. This is how I saw an opportunist ruin Delhi and now he is on his way to destroy India. The links refer to honored authors. I used this links to find the truth as far as I can. Referred articles  are not part of PatrioticReader Team.


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